Almond and double avocado grain free pancakes with smoked salmon

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Grain free pancakes, grain free almond and avocado pancakes

Celebrating today with these grain free pancakes. Shrove Tuesday or Pancake Tuesday as it’s also known here in the UK is traditionally the last day of ‘indulgence’ before Lent. Pancakes were associated with this day because they were a way to use up all the rich, fat dense foods like eggs and milk before the 40 day fasting season commences.

Did you also know that Shrove Tuesday was once a half day holiday in Britain? Wish it was today, i’d be sticking my pancakes to the ceiling right now rather than on my way into work… gah!

When was the last time you held a pancake race? It’s a very British thing to do, mind you with the weather outside I think most of us will stick to a pancake tossing competition in the kitchen. The tradition of the pancake race is said to have originated in 1445 when a housewife from Buckinghamshire was so busy making pancakes that she forgot the time until she heard the local church bells ringing. She raced out of the house to the service still carrying her frying pan, tossing her pancake as she ran down the street to prevent it burning. My kind of woman, never let good food go to waste!

Whilst traditional pancakes are made from flour, eggs and milk, today i’ve created a healthy, grain and dairy free alternative. Quick and easy to make using a base of just ground almonds, avocados and eggs… indulge away. These pancakes are good for you.

Makes 4 – 5 small pancakes


  • 1 cup ground almonds
  • 2 eggs
  • 1/2 avocado
  • pinch of salt
  • Fresh smoked salmon
  • Chosen fat for frying (Ghee or butter. Coconut or olive oil for a dairy free option)
For the avocado cream
  • 1/2 avocado
  • 1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil
  • squeeze of lemon juice
  • 1/2 tsp apple cider vinegar
  • salt and pepper to taste


In a food processor or hand blender, whiz up both halves of the avocado until smooth. Split the mixture in two and place half to one side. Using the half in your bowl, add the eggs, almonds and a inch of salt. Mix to form a thick batter.

To make the avocado cream, stir in the remaining ingredients  to the half avocado you placed to one side.

Heat your chosen oil in a frying pan on a low to medium heat. Add a table spoon of the pancake mixture and flip once golden on one side. Repeat adding more of your chosen fat if needs be to the pan in between pancakes to prevent sticking.

Top with avocado lemon cream and fresh smoked salmon.

Simple, healthy and delicious. I hope you enjoy.

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Jo Harding

Jo Harding

My food philosophy is all about awakening a carefree, happier, healthier you whilst reducing inflammation and toxins in the body. I believe the secret to radiant health starts and ends with a super strong gut so my recipes are all grain, gluten, dairy and refined sugar free. I want my blog to show how simple and tasty healthy food really is and by using a little imagination, you can still enjoy all your ‘crust’ food favourites without feeling bored or deprived. I’m here to show you that eating low starch paleo is so much more than just bland meat and overboiled veg!


  1. I love the photo for this! Have been exploring your blog tonight and really love it! So glad that you met Mel at your photography course and that I found you. I am still trying to get to the bottom of my constant bloating. I thought I had it a good few years ago when I gave up wheat…but last year I started bloating again to anything and everything. I tried SCD, GAPS and low FODMAP to no avail! I am currently on the I Quit Sugar programme which is going well but the bloating is still there. I live in hope that one day I will identify what is going on!

    1. Jo Harding Author

      Hey Vicki
      Ah i’m so pleased you found my blog. I’m so sorry to hear you’re still battling the bloat. Pesky unwanted gut monsters… I hate them! If it’s any consolation I did for about 10 years, tried all of those diets that you mentioned above along with many others. Sort of helped but never really cracked it until i tackled food, lifestyle, supplementation and stress levels all together… head on! When my autoimmune disease was at it’s worse I didn’t know if I was coming or going with what foods made things worse, my diet became more and more restrictive. So not fun when you’re a massive foodie right?

      I totally sympathise with the torment you’re going through right now as to what foods do and don’t make you’re bloating worse. It’s the hardest part determining this but there may be underlying things going on and it’s not really the food causing the issue, also it may be the quantity of an item of food, how it’s cooked or what it’s eaten with. I now eat alot of foods I couldn’t eat back in the day, if i’d have blinked at a tomato i’d have been up all night feeling like someone had sandpapered my bladder, now i happily eat them every day. But only after much healing to my gut lining and patience.

      I passionately believe that having good gut health and a robust gut lining is the foundation of all health. Determining the right foods for you is a major part of beating the bloat but the right supplementation is essential too to remove the unwanted bacteria and toxins and heal the gut lining. Stress is a massive factor too, it creeps up on us women when we don’t even think we’re stressed! It’s a journey, i’m discovering new things every day, how my body reacts to things. Keep a diary too, not just of food but things like how much water you’ve had today, what time you got to bed, when you exercised, if you had an argument that made you stressed etc. We hold so much emotion in our gut. It’s the second brain after all! I started to notice a pattern when I kept a diary which correlated to my bloating.

      Keep going, don’t give up, you will beat it, I’ll help wherever I can. I’ll be posting lots of advice along with recipes about what i’ve learnt on my journey. Hopefully I can learn from you too. Good luck and stay in touch Jo 🙂

      PS Mel is amazing, i’m so glad i met her too and i’m really looking forward to meeting lots more blogging girlies who are as pumped up about food and health as us. Yummy your recipes look nice!

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